7 Current Technologies That Will Shape Our Future


Scott Picken, IPS

Here are the top 7 technologies which are going to disrupt the world as we know it. I highly recommend you watch these 7 videos on the technologies which are going to shape our next 30 years. Be aware of them and thrive, or be naive and battle to survive:

Artificial Intelligence

Augmented / Virtual Reality


3D Printing


Material Sciences

Autonomous Cars

Today’s cars are packed with a variety of driver assistance aids. You can get most any car today with GPS, but luxury car makers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volvo provide a whole lot more. Options now include active cruise control, lane departure warning/intervention, traffic info and blind spot warning. These cars can even brake on their own to avoid hitting an obstacle or pedestrian in front of the vehicle.

In the future, we will have autonomous cars, where driver control will be optional. Even though the thought might seem scary, the cars will be safer than any car you’d pilot yourself. They will constantly evaluate their current environment with multiple sensors — and they’ll never get distracted by text messages.

Will they be complex to operate? Not at all. Your PMC will act as a user interface to any device, including your autonomous car. It will know your schedule and address book, so when you get into your car one hour before an appointment, the car’s GPS will instantly display the destination address and arrival time. All you have to do is say, “Let’s go!”

Add to this blockchain, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, the rising 3 billion people who are going to be connected to the internet and most importantly the power of these technologies integrating and converging, spells a future of amazing potential and abundance over the coming decades.

Your challenge is to study them, look for the network effects, user interface moments, intersections of these technologies in the future and most importantly where their is excess capacity which can be tapped into, exposed or used. This is where the future of opportunity lies for those who are prepared to accept this change. For others, it is not going to be an easy future, as these technologies completely disrupts their world’s as they know it.

The beauty is that within 4 years virtually every single person on the planet will be connected to the internet and therefore will have the choice as to how they design their future around these technologies.

The only way to learn is through doing and experimentation is the key to success! So just get started and start playing and understanding them!

“Uber yourself before you get Kodaked!” Tom Bilyeu, Founder of Quest Nutrition.

People and platforms are creating the collaborative economy & reinventing capitalism which is providing an opportunity for a better planet for all!

We live in incredibly exciting times!

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