DIY mobile research for real-time insights

M4Jam Workforce

Sep 21, 2015 By Andre Hugo

M4JAM’s (Money for Jam) mission is to disrupt the way data is gathered for companies wishing to make real time business decisions, increasing their sales, reducing costs and driving real time end user engagement. We have recently launched a new do it yourself feature for brands that is set to fundamentally disrupt the world of research and data gathering even further. The JAMFACTORY, empowers brands and businesses to create, manage and run their own campaigns on M4JAM from their desktops.

By signing up on the JAMFACTORY, brands and businesses can create a new mobile research campaign using one of the expertly designed standard templates created by Pondering Panda. Standard templates include the more popular: Website Feedback, Social Channel Feedback, Advert Recall, Brand Awareness and App Download.

Campaigns that are activated on JAMFACTORY will be visible as jobs to M4JAM’s 90 000 strong jobber army. Each campaign has its own online analytics dashboard, showing results and trends taking shape in real time.

If you don’t find a suitable template included in our Mystery Shopping, Brand Activation, Merchandising and Product Engagement categories then “ask the Panda” for help and we’ll ensure that your specific requirements are catered for.

M4JAM Co-Founder and Chief Jammer, Andre Hugo, comments: “ The JAM FACTORY will give our clients the highest quality data and deepest real-time insights in a fully automated and cost-effective manner allowing them to engage seamlessly when they want without having to phone a sales person.”

Brands and businesses that sign up on the JAMFACTORY will also have the opportunity to play their part in changing the world. For every new campaign activated on JAMFACTORY in September and October, M4JAM will donate 5% of the jobber pay out value, from their gross profit, to women and children’s development organisation, Masikhule. The proceeds will go towards helping them build a library.

To experience the future of insights, go to and sign up for the JAMFACTORY today.

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New Brand Ventures empowers consumer innovation across five pillars:

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