M4JAM acquires digital research company Pondering Panda to fuel African expansion


By Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter on 11 August, 2015

South African micro-jobbing startup M4JAM (Money for Jam) had a good first year. The Stellenbosch-based company has lured high-profile talents such as Brett StClair from Google South Africa into its den, quickly followed up by investment from media giants Naspers and Tencent through WeChat Africa. This has been accompanied by impressive user growth.

Now, adding muscle to its African expansion plans, M4JAM has acquired digital market research company Pondering Panda.

Founded in 2011 and also operating from Stellenbosch, Pondering Panda has over the years established itself as a reputable research brand, leveraging popular digital channels such as Mxit and WeChat, it has conducted some 7.5-million digital interviews.

“What really makes it unique is we are both African companies, known for disruption, tried and tested in Africa. We are therefore ideally suited for any developing market,” says M4JAM co-founder Andre Hugo.

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